Podcasts and TBT Stories

Well done on the last podcast. I like the idea of mixing in a little bit of everything going on in the sports world along with Canes football. We need more TBT stories though. Im sure there are some good ones. Looking forward to what you guys have coming up. 

3 Things

1. I think everyone knows JT is our best weapon now. If Ahmmon can get healthy and do something for the first time in 2 years, WR are unstoppable . . . If Malik can get them the ball.

2. DJ is the guy, especially with how inept the o line is right now.

3. Have to make adjustments on defense, I line Manny's aggression, but a decent QB picks apart the defense EVERY TIME. Not sure if it's personnel, Diaz or both. I think people are realizing just how big a blow losing Malek Young and RJ McIntosh...


Afternoon everyone,

U all know I love me a good tailgate and we are trying to decide which games would be bad ass to throw one.  I am really thinking UM vs FIU because of my former HC Butch Davis’ return to the U and also the last times these two teams met it went down!!!!  Give me your thoughts on another rocker OTH tailgate @ Hard Rock